Makers of Special Bolts, including Lid Bolts, Trunnion Bolts and many other types.

Bar Turned & Forged, Hex, Square, Double Hex Heads, & Socket Type Products.

A high-tech engineering company based in Oldham, near Manchester (Northwest of England).

C.N.C. Turning & Milling of special components.


Manufacturing bespoke components and engineering assemblies in an extensive range of metals, ranging from Mild & Stainless Steel, Brass, Bronze, Alluminium, through to more exotic materials such as Maraging Steels S162 and alloys like Titanium, Monel,

Inconel and Hastalloy.


C.N.C. Turning

up to 300mm dia. x 800mm between centres    



VIDEO showing CNC Machining

of M52 Flange Bolts in Maraging Steel


C.N.C. Milling

up to 1000mm x 500mm x 600mm




Also - Fastener Modification    - Deburring & Metal Finishing Facility

Florsheim has a production facility fully equipped with a blend of traditional manufacturing processes, combined with computerised technology to enable us to produce a wide range of special components.

Our day-to-day production comprises of producing special bolts, nuts, studbolts and all types of industrial fasteners. Special Threaded parts, Hydraulic fittings and Fastener modification.

All thread types including Metric Fine, Left Hand and Special Forms.


From "one offs" to small batch and volume runs, supplied on a scheduled basis.


With our technical product knowledge, your enquiries will be dealt with by an experienced engineer.